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November FBM Update

Christ wants not nibblers of the possible, but grabbers of the impossible.” — C.T. Studd

Continue in prayer for each of the FBM missionaries as they continue to “grab the impossible” through their ministries.

  • Ken & Sarah Beckley (Benin) – Ken and Sarah are in active bible translation in Guene’, Benin. Pray that the goal of a test print of Genesis -2 Samuel of the Dendi Bible would be met by the end of the year. Pray also for effective ministry in the church in Malanville.
  • Cindy Faile – (Benin/Mali) – Pray for continued effective women’s ministry in the villages of Boiffo, Mamasi and Kassa. There are close to 100 women studying the ‘Characteristics of a Godly Woman’ in the three village churches. The goal is to help these churches organize children’s ministries.
  • Dan & Marsha Haynes (Niger) – Praise God for the beginning of Church services again in Timbuktu and Gao as Pastors and Christian families return home to N Mali. Pray for these families trying to return to “normal life” after 18 months of refugee status. There continue to be significant shortages of food, water, medicines and electricity. There are continued terrorist threats in some areas. Gifts to help can be channeled through FBM special Mali refugee fund. Praise also as Dan and Marsha are gaining strength again after nasty bouts with malaria. Pray for language study with a helper to begin soon. Pray as Dan prepares messages to meet various preaching requests.
  • Dave & Comfort Jacobs (Nigeria) – Pray for David and Comfort as they have recently returned to Arizona for a season of furlough. Pray for rest, good medical visits and effective ministry. Pray that the ministry in Nigeria will prosper under the leadership of national pastors.
  • Chris & Diane Marine (Niger) – Chris and Diane continue to fulfill their role as Regional Coordinator as they care for their parents in Sebring, FL. Pray as they minister in their sending church while in Sebring.
  • Joe & Amy Marshall (Benin –Prefield) – Joe and Amy continue to minister in various churches as they share their burden for ministry in Benin among the Fulani people. Pray that their monthly support need would be realized soon.
  • Rich and Anna Marshall (Niger/Mali) – Rich and Anna are presently in Niger ministering in various capacities in Niamey. Pray as they seek a soon return to Mali.
  • Rich Melvin (Niger) – Rich continues to faithfully and effectively handle the finances for several ministries in Niger. Pray for good health and strength.
  • Kathy Miller (Niger) – Pray as Kathy continues on furlough ministry through the end of the year and then returns to her teaching ministry at Sahel Academy in Niamey after the New Year.
  • Faye Obgartel – (Mali) – Continue to pray for Faye with the recent home-going of Pete. Pray for clear direction for future ministry in Mali as well.
  • Colin & Teena Ovenell – (Benin) – Praise the Lord for a fruitful furlough ministry. Colin and Teena returned to Guene’, Benin in early November to resume their many ministries. Pray specifically for the BeninClinic project.
  • Tim & Janice Phillips (Niger/Sahel Academy) – Pray for effective ministry in their role as dorm parents at Sahel Academy in Niamey.
  • Tim & Richelle Wright (Niger) – Currently conducting furlough ministry. Pray for safety in travel and effectiveness as they share their ministry and burden.

Continue to pray for the Malian believers as they return to their homes in the north of Mali. If you would like to give toward the cost of travel and the resettling of the believers, please indicate The Return Project or Mali Relief Fund with your gift.