In 2020 FBM partnered with EMM, a small mission agency with a long history of working in Mexico. The history of EMM is intertwined with the life of Walter Gomez. He was an extraordinary Christian, who was successful in nearly everything he put his hand to. Instead of using this God given ability for his own gain, he and his wife, Lois, used it to bring the Gospel to many people. Their legacy still impacts lives today and is carried on by our current EMM/FBM missionaries.


Walter Gomez was born March 13, 1916, to missionary parents, Joe and Anna. At 12 years old, he received Christ as his personal Savior. In 1933, Walter enrolled in Cameron Jr. College where he met Lois Rawlings. They were married November 14, 1936. In 1954, Evangelical Mission Ministries (EMM) was born. Linden Unruh was one of the first missionaries to join EMM. Walter and Linden saw a need for a seminary in Mexico for the purpose of training pastors and leaders in their own culture to reach their own people. Together, they opened the seminary in 1955 in the Oaxaca area. In 2000, the seminary moved to its present location, the largely populated area of Pachuca, Mexico. Because of God’s abundant provision, a wonderful campus, named the Walter Gomez Evangelical Center, was built which includes housing for staff, boys’ and girls’ dorms, a cafeteria, admin building, and a large auditorium.



Querétaro Church Plant

Chuy Miranda, Rosy Hernandez, and Jesús Peña, graduates from the Walter Gomez Seminary, have a desire to plant a church in the state of Querétaro.
Chuy and Rosy Miranda, and Jesus and Nayeli Peña, graduates from the Walter Gomez Seminary, are working to plant two churches in unreached areas of the state of Queretaro.

Correspondence Classes

In Mexico, correspondence classes are used to help adults, teen, and children study the Bible.  Two years ago, we started translating some of these courses into one of the indigenous languages in the state of Chiapas for people who speak very little Spanish. God is blessing this effort!  So far, four courses have been translated and there are 150 people enrolled in this project.

Walter Gomez Scholarship Fund

In a country where about 60 percent of the pastors have no theological training, our scholarship fund is set up to help needy young men and women who otherwise would find it hard to prepare for the ministry.  Most of our students come from low income families or are married.  This makes paying for tuition, room, and board nearly impossible.  A one year scholarship costs $2,000 and includes tuition, room, and board.