In 2009, Faith Baptist Church of Winter Haven, FL (FBC) started a mission agency to meet the needs of its own congregation.

Initially, there were two missionaries and both were supported 100% financially by FBC. There were no grand plans for expansion or recruitment. There was just a simple desire to honor the Lord and obey the Great Commission. However, God had other plans.

In 2011, another mission agency suddenly and tragically closed its doors. Missionaries across the world found themselves in crisis. At that time, FBC reached out to a missionary that it had supported for years. He and his wife were one of these missionaries in crisis. FBC said,

“We love you and are praying for you. We can’t imagine what you are going through right now. If it would help you, you are welcome to join our mission agency. We aren’t sure how to do it, but we are willing to do our best to take care of you.”

FBC was not prepared for that missionary’s response. He said, “Can I bring my team with me?” At that time, he was the Regional Director for a team of missionaries. FBC was thinking of one missionary family. God was thinking about so much more.

Recognizing the sovereign hand of God, FBC quickly said “yes” to that missionary and began caring for an entire team of missionaries. And so, in 2011, Faith Baptist Mission was born. Since that time, God has added additional missionary families and opened new fields.

From the beginning, our desire has been to keep missions simple and to love missionaries. If you are looking for a low-fee, flexible, and fiercely loyal mission agency, we believe FBM is the agency for you.