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Greetings from Faith Baptist Mission.  This month, we would like to share with you several praise reports from our missionaries.

  • Benin:  The Tolozougou church is growing!  There are 2 people who would like to be baptized and several ladies are asking to be discipled.  Pray for Joe & Amy Marshall as they continue to minister in this church.
  • Benin:  The Boiffo church recently saw 20 people baptized.  Continue to pray for Pastor Isaac as he leads this church.  The Benin Clinic was started out of this church. 
  • Mali:  Rich & Anna Marshall completed a new well in the village of Diban.  This will open many doors for sharing the Gospel.  Continue to pray for Rich & Anna as they work on the Mounzou Camp Project.
  • Mali:  Pastor Talfi & Leah have welcomed a baby girl into their family.  Praise God for a safe delivery.  Pray for Talfi & Leah as they raise their family and minister in the bush village of Bancoumana.
(Meet Lia, the latest child to be impacted by Ken & BJ Armstrong)  

Mexico:  Itzchel Noguera recently wrote an update.  Recently widowed, she praised God for providing for her and her infant son David. 

  • Southeast Asia:  Ken & BJ Armstrong have welcomed 14-month old Lia (pictured above) into their home.  Pray for their orphanage ministry as they care for all of the children God has placed in their home.
  • Togo:  Koku & Akpene Akakpo are rejoicing because Togo gave them a one-year extension on their visa.  This will give them more time to prepare the paperwork for their permanent residency application. 
  • Niger:  Ken & Sarah Beckley are praising God that an oversight committee has been formed for the revision of the Zarma Bible.  They hope to have a first meeting soon.

Additionally, here are a few prayer requests.

  • Pray for a missionary family that is currently in the process of transitioning to FBM.  Pray that their transition goes smoothly and is honoring to God. 
  • Pray for the Christian School in Southeast Asia where Ken & BJ Armstrong serve.  They are in dire need of teachers for this coming fall.  Pray also that the COVID situation will improve so that classes can be held in person. 
  • Lord willing, I will be leading a Mission Trip to Mexico next month.  Pray that all of the details will be finalized and that there will be no complications due to COVID.  Our goal is to help at the seminary in Pachuca and to be an encouragement to the missionaries and national leaders.
  • Several West African nations have recently held elections.  These are always times of uncertainty and unrest.  Pray for the safety of our missionaries. 
  • Several of our missionaries are wrestling with issues related to retirement.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as they pray about the future. 
  • Pray for new workers for our West African fields.  There is much work to do and we are asking God to call new workers to these fields.

Thank you for your generous partnership in the Gospel.  Your prayer and financial support is a wonderful encouragement.  Please let us know if we can serve you in any way.  May God richly bless you.

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