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Editor’s Note: Chris and Diane Marine have been busy visiting our FBM missionaries and encouraging them. They recently went to New Hampshire with 3 other couples to Dan & Marsha Haynes’ house to help with house repairs. This is a brief report of their trip and God’s provision.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6


On Aug. 10 we drove 1500 miles over four days pulling our 28-foot RV to New Hampshire. We parked in a beautiful spot-on top of a mountain at the home of FBM missionaries Dan & Marsha Haynes. We, along with 3 other couples, came to help encourage Dan & Marsha as well as help with renovations on their two-story house.

Lots and lots of work! The house was completely pressure washed and painted.  Siding and facia were replaced.  The garage was completely wired, and lights were put up.  Four ceiling fans were installed and both bathrooms got new exhaust fans.  We installed lights on the outside porch, basement stairway and stairway going upstairs. The laundry room was gutted.  New cement board was put on the floor, paint on the walls, tile laid.  A new sink and stool were placed.  Plumbing had to be re-done to accommodate the new pedestal sink.  Seven sheets of plywood were replaced on the lean-to roof.  A new rubber roof was put down.  A clothesline was built and installed.  On one of the windows in the garage a windowsill was repaired and installed.  One of the garage entrance doors was repaired.  Lots of weeding and gardening was done.  We are so thankful for all that God allowed us to accomplish. We are so thankful for the times of fellowship and encouragement as we shared meals and stories and life together. 


As we finished, we packed the truck with all the tools and hooked up to the RV so that we could take off first thing in the morning. As Chris was working around the truck, he noticed a sound and popped the hood and there was radiator fluid everywhere. We took the truck to the shop of Dan’s brother Steve who is a mechanic.  He diagnosed the issue as the water pump.  He does not work on diesel trucks and recommended two other mechanics.  But he warned that everyone was busy, and it could be up to a three week wait.  At the second stop, the mechanic said that he might be able to look at it in a few days but not start anything soon.  Chris went around the corner to the third mechanic suggested.  It was this third place that Steve said might be a three week wait.  Dan told the man that his brother Steve up the street had recommended him, and he shared what Chris and the team had been doing these past two weeks.  The mechanic said he would fix the truck that day. In the evening we stopped by to check on the progress of the truck. He discovered that the radiator was shot.  He said he could have one delivered to the shop first thing the next morning.  He could have the truck ready between 10 and noon.  We praise God for His intervention and care.  What a blessing to find someone who was very, very busy but was willing to work us in immediately.  That is a God thing!

At times we wonder what God is doing.  We had come to serve, and we had worked hard.  It was a long journey back home to Florida and we were tired!  And now, truck problems! 

The verse above from Proverbs 3 has been a special source of encouragement to us from our earliest days of ministry.  There have been many times over the years that we have not understood what God was doing but we have learned to trust Him no matter what.  As we look back over the years, there are times that if we had depended on our own understanding of a situation or circumstance and had acted on “our understanding” we would have made wrong choices.  But, because we trusted God, He protected, He guided, He accomplished His plan and purpose.  The word “trust” means to place complete confidence in.  It is like sitting in a chair and not even wondering if it will hold you up before you sit.  You just sit!  We can place our trust in God because He is trustworthy.  His word tells us that and our life experiences tell us that.  God is trustworthy!  As we seek His will in everything, He will show us which way to take. 

Back to New Hampshire and the truck problems…the truck was repaired, and we headed back to Florida, though a few days later than we had planned.  We drove to PA and spent two nights with family.  It was good to take a break from working and driving.  We then continued our way back to Florida.  We were able to stop and visit old friends from our early missionary days and we were able to stop and visit dear friends who needed a listening ear and encouragement.  Had we followed our plan, we would have missed what God had for us. 

We may not always see the result, purpose or blessing of a delay or change in our circumstances, but we can trust a God who loves us and has a plan and a purpose for us.

Our Team: (Left to Right) Gary & Connie, Steve & Patti, Bob & Kathy, Dan & Marsha, Chris & Diane

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