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Dear Friends,

FBM exists to glorify God by obeying the Great Commission and caring for those we serve.  This year, I have been much more intentional in my efforts to strengthen my personal relationships with our missionaries.  I have been meeting (in-personal or virtually) with all of them at least once a quarter. 

These meetings have become a blessing to me.  I have gotten to know our missionaries better.  I have rejoiced with them.  I have also come to better understand their burdens.  Knowing them better helps me care for them.  Often, it is easier to care for someone once you have developed a relationship with them. 

Jose Maradiaga is someone I met with earlier this week.  Jose is a brother in Christ who FBM has recently partnered with.  He is a Nicaraguan national who works throughout his home country to strengthen and train pastors.  He is also a graduate of the EMM seminary in Pachuca, Mexico.  It has been exciting to build a relationship with Jose and to see how God is using him.  Further, it has been exciting to care for him. 

Currently, Jose is facing a financial challenge.  He desires to work in ministry full-time but is hindered by financial realities.  Like you and me, he has bills to pay and extended family members that depend on him.  Thus, he feels the tension between wanting to serve in ministry and needing to find a job to support himself and his family. 

As I talked with Jose, we discussed the possibility of him coming to the US to raise some support.  Lord willing, this will happen later this year.  My reason for writing this is to ask you to pray.  Will you pray for Jose?  Will you ask God to provide for Jose?  Additionally, will you consider partnering with Jose?  Perhaps you might be willing to meet with Jose either virtually or in-person if he comes to the US.  Perhaps your church or you individually might be willing to consider partnering with Jose.  Please pray with us for Jose Maradiaga. 

GARBC National Conference

The GARBC National Conference is almost upon us.  This year’s conference will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  My entire family is excited to attend!  We hope to see you there.  Please stop by our table and pick up some of our new stickers! 

Thank you so much for your faithful partnership with FBM.  Because of your partnership, we are able to “glorify God by obeying the Great Commission and caring for those we serve.”  May God richly bless you. 

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