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Hello to the FBM community around the world!

I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Bill Donnan, FBM’s Mission Trip Coordinator. I’m approaching my first anniversary of being a part of the FBM team having signed on in August of 2022. In the past year I have been blessed to meet new people, travel to countries I’ve never been to before, as well as meet and work alongside some incredible people – lifelong missionaries and volunteers alike.

Moving forward, my hope is to publish a quarterly update to keep the FBM family aware of what’s happening on our fields and how we can be a part of our missionaries’ work by taking short-term trips.

You might be wondering what a “Mission Trip Coordinator” does? Well, to many the title is pretty self-explanatory, but if I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that it never hurts to define a project before jumping in! At the base level, I coordinate mission trips – communicating with both the missionary as well as the group going out to them. I do the footwork of logistical planning (flights, lodging, meals, supplies, etc) to take the pressure off the missionary, allowing them to receive the help and fellowship without months of overtime prepwork that depletes them.

I also look at the projects featured on our short-term trips to analyze what skills are required to fulfill the need. Sometimes a trip is suitable for varying ages, requiring little skill and primarily just willing hands. Other times we need specific skill sets – carpenters, masons, plumbers, welders, mechanics. Part of coordinating successful mission trips is to match the laborers to the labor to ensure that the purpose of the trip is fulfilled, whether a specific project or exposure to a ministry, and people walk away from a positive experience.

One of our goals at FBM, is to support our missionaries as they serve. Prayer and financial support will always be foundational, but we cannot forget that sometimes hands are needed. A short-term trip brings that help to the field while simultaneously transforming those who go and engaging them in missions.

In the past, our primary mission trips have gone to Pachuca, Mexico in effort to refurbish an existing seminary that FBM is involved in. These trips have provided a variety of work opportunities allowing all skills, ages, and genders to be accommodated. Our next Mexico trip is scheduled for September 30 – October 7.

Our most recent mission trip team serving in Pachuca, Mexico (April 2023)

As we look to grow our short-term mission trip opportunities we are considering construction based trips as well as trips that will focus on running VBS programs and ESL camps. If you are interested in either of these types of outreach, please visit our Mission Trips page.

Our primary focus for the construction-type trips will be to support the building of a new campus in Benin that will feature Bible training, agricultural training and medical outreach. At this point, we are looking for interested individuals who have masonry skills (block laying and floor pouring). Due to cultural concerns as well as limited accommodations, teams need to be 3-4 men. We already have some full teams scheduled for January and late February/early March. However, given the construction timeline, the Benin team could use help THIS YEAR in mid November and the beginning of December. If you are interested, please let me know!

Next year we expect to be able to offer opportunities to groups wanting to help with VBS programs and English camps. Often people cite not being able to learn a language as a barrier to their serving on the mission field. Have no fear! You do not need to know the native language to help with these types of trips! These trips give you a platform to interact with locals, show the love of Christ, and use what you already know. Again, if you’re interested in this type of ministry or trip, please let me know.

As we continue planning different types of mission trips into the future, if you or your church support a specific FBM missionary that you’d like to serve alongside, let us know so that we can start the conversation. We want to support the ministries of our missionaries and remind them that they are not alone. Going on a mission trip can be an invaluable experience – opening your eyes to the world, different ministry opportunities, and the global Body of Christ. You will have moments to see the “sights”, learn a little about the culture, maybe even pick up a phrase or two, but its not designed to be a vacation as much as it is about serving with open hands.

I encourage you to be open to trying a mission trip. These trips have a way of changing hearts, lives, and attitudes. I look forward to talking with many of you and maybe even seeing you on a trip soon!

If you are interested in any of the opportunities mentioned above or if you would like to speak with me about a mission trip opportunity – simply complete the form on our Mission Trips page.

Bill Donnan

FBM Mission Trip Coordinator

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