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This past month has been busy with packing a container.  Ever since our missionaries, Koku & Akpene Akakpo, left for Togo at the end of January, we have been working hard to fill a container and send it to them.  After many delays, an empty shipping container finally arrived in Winter Haven on Monday, March 8.  We worked hard to fill it with countless household items and also a car.  Friday, March 12, the container was picked up and is now on its way to Togo.  Lord willing, it will arrive there very soon and will be a tremendous blessing to the Akakpos. 

Chad & Amanda Winsor

God continues to bless and grow Faith Baptist Mission.  You may recall that Dean & Sylvia Hebron joined with us in December.  Chad & Amanda Winsor joined in February.  We are currently meeting with another missionary who has applied to join FBM.  We praise God for the way that He is blessing.  At the same time, we do have urgent needs on many of our fields.  Visit our website ( to learn more about these opportunities. 

We are praising God for His abundant provision.  Recently, a church contacted us and informed us that they intend to take a special offering to support our Married Student Housing Project (in Mexico) and also our Benin Elementary School Project.  Lord willing, this offering will provide enough funds to finish both of these projects!  This will be a tremendous blessing to our missionaries and those that they serve.  It is always exciting to watch God provide. 

Thank you for partnering with us to care for our missionaries.  Thank you for praying for each of them.  Your partnership in the Gospel is a wonderful blessing to us all.  Please let us know if we can serve you in any way.  May God richly bless you.

Stephen Simpson

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