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Rich & Anna Marshall

I pray that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving season.  We serve a great God and there is much for which we should be thankful.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to start thinking about Christmas.  It is time to start focusing our attention on one of the greatest events in all of history: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful time of year this is!

Many of you have already seen a recent email that I sent in regards to FBM Missionaries Rich & Anna Marshall. They have faithfully served the Lord in Mali for several decades.  Unfortunately, they have had a difficult Thanksgiving season.  What follows is some of what I wrote in that email.

On Saturday, November 20, Rich was in an accident. He was attempting to fly a paramotor that he had recently purchased and was seriously injured. Thankfully, Rich was taken to the top Malian hospital where he has been receiving excellent care. He has already had several surgeries. Lord willing, once he is cleared for travel, Rich and Anna will return to the US for a time of rehab and therapy.

As you can imagine, navigating the health insurance system in West Africa is quite complicated. The result is that Rich & Anna are having to pay nearly $30,000 to the hospital in Mali for the care that they have received. They are praying that some of this will be reimbursed by their health insurance, but that is very uncertain at this point.

Will You Pray?

  • Pray for Rich Marshall. Pray for complete healing. Pray for relief from pain. Pray for encouragement and peace. Pray that God would increase Rich’s faith and trust in God’s sovereign plan.
  • Pray for Anna Marshall. Pray for peace and comfort. Pray for wisdom as she and Rich face countless decisions and uncertainty. Pray for strength and good health as she cares for Rich.

You can Partner!

  • Last week, we (FBM) wired funds from our Missionary Encouragement Fund to Rich and Anna so that they could pay the hospital bill.  God has generously provided, and we praise Him that we are able to assist our missionaries in their time of need.
  • At the same time, this will put a big dent in our Missionary Encouragement Fund. You can partner with us to help replenish this Fund so that we can respond to the next need that arises. If you would like to do so, please mark any donation Missionary Encouragement Fund. You can also give online at

Thank You!

Thank you for so much for your concern for our missionaries. May God richly bless you this Christmas season!  Please contact us if you have any questions about this

May God richly bless you with a wonderful Christmas season!  

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