At Faith Baptist Mission, “We Love Missionaries” permeates who we are. Though we have stickers and t-shirts that boast this phrase, we hope it is more than a catchy tagline. Our hope is that we not only equip those God has called, but that we are faithful in caring for them along the way. Since 2011, we have been loving and serving missionaries from all across the US, but we can’t do it alone.

Maybe God hasn’t called you to “Go”, but in your staying and supporting maybe He has provided another way for you to serve. At FBM we have some unique ways for our volunteers to serve missionaries. If you live in the Central Florida area, will you consider whether you can be a part of the work through one of these?

Missionary Visits to Winter Haven

Our missionaries are passionate about the land and people they are serving. When they are “home” in the US, much of their time is spent traveling to supporting churches and individuals to give updates and elicit new or increased support to meet the demand. Usually one stop on their journey is the home office where we hope to hear their stories, encourage them, pray over them, and equip them for the next season of service. But in order to care for them well, we need help!

Host a Missionary (Family)


Do you have an extra room, a mother-in-law suite, or a rental property? Our missionaries need a place to stay when they come to Central Florida. Though their visits are usually only a few days, we have heard repeatedly that it is such a blessing to be welcomed by those who love missionaries. You can help us by providing a comfortable place for these workers to stay! The needs vary by visit due to the varying needs of the families, but all need open arms and willing hands.

Airport Runs

As you can imagine, our FBM family spends a lot of time in the Tampa and Orlando airports. From the frequent travels of our director to the home office visits of our missionaries, reliable transportation to and from the airport is a big need. This is an opportunity that doesn’t require more than a few hours, but is instrumental in allowing missionaries to visit. Could you take a few hours out of your day for an airport run?


Loaner Vehicles

Do you have an extra vehicle? Would you conisder letting our missionaries borrow it when they visit Central Florida? When missionaries are in town, having the ability to get themselves around is a huge deal! Your loaner vehicle would be a great blessing!

Other Local Volunteer Opportunities

Maybe you can’t help with any of the above, but you’re still eager to be a part of the work!

Newsletter Mailings

One of our biggest needs for volunteers is in the office. FBM sends out a mailed newsletter, over 1500 copies, quarterly. This newsletter allows us to share stories from the field, introduce new missionaries to our family, and keep us connected with those who so faithfully support the work. To ensure good communication, and timely delivery of such a large mailing, we need willing hands. Spend a few hours with use stuffing envelopes and fellowshipping! This work is done onsite at Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven.


Are you willing to say “yes” to volunteering with FBM?

If you are willing to serve in any of these ways, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us via email at or by calling (863) 229-7938. Partner with us in obeying the Great Commission and caring for those we serve!

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